Registration Fees

  • $100 for the 1st player 
  • $70 for the 2nd player
  • $65 for 3rd and additional players

After July 15th Prices increase by $25

  • $125 for the 1st player
  • $95 for the 2nd player
  • $90 for 3rd and additional players

*To receive mulitplayer discount you must register all of your children at the same time.




CYC photo ID cards are now required for ALL players.  In the past, they have only been required for 5th grade and older, but now everyone is required to have an ID card.  Coaches usually collect the cards at the beginning of the season and return them at the end.  That way the coach knows everyone will get to the game with their ID.  If you already have a card, please disregard this message.


Cards can be ordered on the CYC website